Words That Should be in the News!

Breastitution* – What the Susan G. Komen Foundation is gonna have to pay Planned Parenthood

Eurupture – When the European economy goes bust

Internyet – Russia’s attempts to censor the internet

I Am F*cked – What Greeks must think think the IMF stands for

Mitt Romney rearranged his name from the original, Willard Mitt Romney. But why stop there? Looking at the letters in “Willard Mitt Romney,” we find words such as:





trim & minty




trained worm

While these things are all in Willard Mitt Romney, they don’t tell the whole story. Using all of the letters in Willard Mitt Romney’s name is perhaps more revealing, though a bit enigmatic. For example, his name can be rearranged to give us this ominous prediction: “Mr. Dynamite will rot.” Alternatively, Mitt’s name reveals that, “Mermaids will not try.” Too esoteric for you? How about this one, proving he’s a regular guy: Willard Mitt Romney = “Try a Midtown Miller.” Or this one, proving he’s a Time Lord: Willard Mitt Romney = “Twirl time randomly.” He is also “a midterm win troll,” or “only a midterm twirl.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds politically significant.

And finally, Unpleasantorum – listening to Rick Santorum talk about the gays.

*Thanks to Deborah Gilitz for that one.

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