Scatlas, from scat and atlas: a map of the world’s poop.

Grointment: Ointment for one’s groin

Musickening: The feeling you get when you listen to top 40 radio music

Now you try it: Take a potentially funny word and see what words start with the end of your word. Then combine them to make brand new words!

G & G: My cousin’s son (my couson?) asks why gin has a soft g and gun has a hard g. That is one of the many vexing questions about English. Perhaps it is because guns are harsh and not for soft people, and drinking gin slurs your speech and all your consonants become soft.

Human Meat: When people eat plants, carrots are carrots, lettuce is lettuce, and a radish is a radish. But when it comes to animals as meat, we change the names. So, cows become beef, deer become venison, pigs become pork, etc. It occurs to me that we are in need of a word for human flesh as meat, not just for the sake of zombies, but in case cannibalism ever picks up again in popularity. What are some ideas for names for human meat? As far as I can tell, the meat name (beef) doesn’t have to be related to the animal name (cow), so go ahead and let your creativity flow freely in the comments section.

Ghoti: This is an possible spelling of the word “fish”. The f sound could come from gh, as in tough; the i sound comes from o, as in women, the sh sound comes from ti, as in nation. “Ghoti” has long been touted as evidence that the English language is a capricious and arbitrary amalgamation of bits & pieces of other languages and seemingly random constructions. For more evidence, see my post: Fun with Alternate Spellings.

The following are inexplicably not words. I have included suggested definitions:

  • Epility (This is the name of my son’s blog*. I find it amazing that “epility” has no meaning.)
  • Trab (human meat?)
  • Flosset (the container that floss comes in?)
  • Trilly (adjective form of “trill”)
  • Rejunct (to make a phrase obsolete; the adjective form is “rejunctive”)
  • Bartup (derived from “Bartap,” also not a word)
  • Bilarity (a dual singularity)
  • Paslow (any clerk or low-level functionary who’s head has been accidentally ripped off)

*He has deleted his blog – that’s what happens when kids grow out of adolescence. But you’ll have to take my word for it, it was amazing.

For Random Questions and Fun New Words, click the daisy:



5 Responses to Wordarchy

  1. Jeffersonic (DSK) says:

    I’m still fond of ‘long pig’ for humans.


    • EricIndiana says:

      Wow – I just made an assumption that there wasn’t a word for it. I’m going out to my local co-op right now & get me some free-range organic grain-fed, Fair Trade long pig.


  2. Samir Hafza says:

    A word for human flesh as meat: humus (‘hum’ for human; and ‘us’)

    As opposed to Hummus, the garbanzo based Lebanese dish.


  3. Jason Brick says:

    Great blog! Thanks for posting over at mine brickcommajason.com.

    In fact, “beef” comes from the French — it’s an artifact of the Norman invasion of England. So a word for human meat probably needs to have some linguistically related root.

    With that in mind, I might vote for Haole (pronounced “howlie”)…one of many polynesian slang terms for delicious, delicious white people…..


  4. Khara House says:

    I just found this via Robert Lee Brewer’s “My Name is Not Bob” (your response to the “word play” post). What a fun exercise! It’s similar to one I use to write poetry, as well; inventing a new word and then defining it through a poem. This is a great creative activity, Eric, thanks for sharing it!


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