I Can’t Believe They’re Not Words!



How is it possible that “miscredit” is not a word? If someone is incorrectly credited with something, we should be able to say that she is miscredited. For example, Thomas Crapper is commonly miscredited with the invention of the modern toilet, and thus the word “crap” derives from Mr. Crapper’s name. In fact, the word crap pre-dates Mr. Crapper; it is of Middle English origin. Mr. Crapper did, however, advance flush toilets quite a bit with his invention of (and if any of my middle school students have stumbled upon my blog I’ll never hear the end of it) the ballcock, which is still in use in today’s toilets.


OK, there’s a “scampish,” but that’s even more awkwardly out-of-date sounding than the word scamp, itself. If a kid is a scamp, s/he should be called scampy.


A dirt roadway. We currently call them “dirt roads.” But they deserve a single word name, and I propose dirtway.


Anyone really close to a dog should agree that we need a word to describe this special relationship. I call my dog my dogfriend.


One who accessorizes. Perhaps this is what we would call a designer of accessories. Maybe this would be an app that helps people match accessories to outfits, or a professional accessory consultant. Maybe it’s the name of a giant rotating, multi-level, mirrored accessory display unit. Whatever it is, it should be a word.


Many of us know that “funner” is not a word, but… why not?


The stubborn refusal to accept “ain’t” as a standard word is just classist. Ain’t plays an important role as a much-needed contaction of am and not.

If we all take my advice and accept these non-words as words, English will be much improved, and will look something like this:

It might be funner if I said that my scampy dogfriend, running up the dirtway, was his own accessorizer, but I ain’t going to miscredit him with picking out such an elegant collar and leash by himself.

Look beneath this flower for some random questions and fresh, new words:


6 Responses to I Can’t Believe They’re Not Words!

  1. Miscredit is definitely a word.


    • EricIndiana says:

      It’s not a word on Merrian-webster.com, nor is it a word on dictionary.com. It’s not a word in my Dictionary app that came pre-installed in my computer. The spellcheck in Word doesn’t recognize it. It’s also not in thefreedictionary.com, yourdictionary.com or dictionary.cambridge.org.

      So, I would like for it to be a word, but I can’t find any evidence that it is.


  2. Ain’t ain’t classist. In the 1920s, high-society types used it. I know this because Lord Peter Whimsey used ain’t all the time in the BBC produced series.


  3. saturn911 says:

    you have heard of “hen” becoming a gender neutral pronoun in Sweden right?


  4. Aya says:

    Dis-credit is a word… words only become words by being used – so if you wish it to be a word – keep using it! ­čÖé


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