Band Name Ideas!

In the life of Daisybrain, we’ve had 142,855 hits from at least 125 countries. It’s conceivable that one of those hits came from someone looking for a name for their new band. With that in mind, I present… BAND NAME SUGGESTIONS. You are free to appropriate any of these names – some may already be bands, I haven’t checked. All I ask in return is that you send me a link to your band’s music and include the word “discombobulatory” in one of your songs.

Band name suggestions:

  • The Noble Gasses
  • Bandingo

  • Hypnos
  • Krotos
  • Voluptos
  • VeraCity
  • The Off Beats
  • Poportunity
  • The Semi Conductors
  • Seminility
  • Metalons
  • Metalent
  • Hummiside
  • Funkle
  • Punkle
  • Pop Cycle
  • The Raptors
  • Bad Rap
  • Miss Terry
  • Mister E
  • Sara Tonin and the Dopamines
  • Sara Bellum
  • Vick Tory
  • D Feet
  • the Red Giants
  • SuperNova
  • Obstreperous Youth
  • Rebellious Old People
  • Fudd
  • Killbilly
  • Stranger Danger
  • The Idiotics

This flower will take you to a post with some more band name suggestions: 

Whereas this flower will take you to some suggestions for new business names:

2 Responses to Band Name Ideas!

  1. Ramsay Harik says:

    Best existing band name: the Wailin’ Jennys (and a damn good band, too).


  2. thanx they helped me and my band x thanx again.


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