Hello Fat Cat

Why are so many people searching for “fat cat” on the internet? A quick look at the search terms that brings people to Daisybrain reveals that “fat cat” far outnumbers other search terms used to navigate to Daisybrain. Lookit this record:

fat cat 1,443
sexism 265
daisybrain 216
how to take over a school 216
sexist video of man and woman 210
how to take over your school 198
man icon 186
sexist video men and women 176
new technology words 175
political prisoners in the us 172
what does it mean to be an individual 157
sexist jokes 144
human icon 134
how to take over the school 132
skinny mirror 122
dr oliver koneh 119
samir hafza 102
skinny mirrors 94

I tried a search for fat cat & didn’t see Daisybrain in top results, which means to me that people are really desperate, searching through pages & pages of fat cat results to get to Daisybrain. Maybe “fat cat” is a street term for some hip designer drug on the verge of breaking through to the public consciousness. Perhaps articles will soon start popping up about suburban teens & fat cat houses, fat cat addiction & reformed fat cat addicts on speaking tours of high schools.

Why the phrase “human icon” has been searched for 134 times on peoples’ way to Daisybrain is likewise a mystery to me.

You may have also noticed that the word “sexist” keeps popping up in searches. My belief is that people who type in “sexist video of man and woman” are actually looking for “sexy video of man and woman.” For the record, I don’t provide that at Daisybrain, but I do have pussy. Perhaps “fat cat” is some reference to “pussy”.

If there is some dramatic change in the fat cat search prevalence at Daisybrain, or if someone solves the mystery, I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, let it be known that Daisybrain is the proud king and queen of all fat cat internet destinations. And, if you are a cherished guest who has come here looking to score some fat cat, rest assured that this blog is bursting with premium fat cat and your wildest fat cat fantasies will be indulged if you just keep clicking though the posts herein.

Click the fat daisy to see where I think people end up when they come looking for Fat Cat:



5 Responses to Hello Fat Cat

  1. photoshoot says:


    Hello Fat Cat « Daisybrain…


  2. OH no! It ate my post! And here I had all kinds of things to say about google searches and condom stealing and “chickens united”!!!!! Well…hoprefully it lets me comment this time, even if the message has been more or less lost. Hopefully it lets me & good luck giving advice on all that stuff. This is an advice column, right?!?! 🙂


    • EricIndiana says:

      That’s why it’s a fat cat – it eats people’s posts. I’m sure your post tasted good. By the way, I’ll bet it’ll be pretty cool for Sweet Pea that she’ll have a sister so much younger that she won’t feel any rivalry & can help take care of. Hopefully that’s how it’ll go.


  3. g2-5ce1be4ac24815d28a8e4b5f7fbe64b0 says:

    I hope so! I know siblings who still suffer from quite a bit of sibling rivalry when there are nine or ten years apart, but hopefully almost 17 years will be the perfect spacing. 🙂


  4. EricIndiana says:

    Update: I’ve also noticed “жирные коты” in search results that lead to my site. What does жирные коты mean? It’s “Fat Cat” in Russian. Welcome Russian readers!


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