Tomorrow’s Technology Today!

Here are some new technology ideas:

a. iSmell: Olfactory Inputs on Computers – absorbs & analyzes smell; information sent to reciprocal terminal where smell is reproduced & released. There are all sorts of potential benefits from this technology, though I assume it will mainly be used by teenagers to send farts through the internet.

b. iBubble: Personal Space Forcefield – Set your personal space bubble on your mobile device anywhere from, say, 3 inches to 36 inches. Then, when people get too close, their mobile devices will signal them with an alarm advising them to back off.

c. iSight: Modern Rose-Colored Glasses – Smooth out wrinkles, blemishes and bulges with these glasses that make everyone look beautiful! Just never take them off in the light.

d. iNumeral: Numbers instead of beeps – Telephones will say the number you dial out loud, instead of giving you useless beeps, allowing you to quickly notice a misdial.

e. iLight: Traffic Controller – Just like pedestrian crosswalk buttons, this mobile app allows you to press a button from your car to speed up the traffic lights when stopped at an intersection. Good for when there’s no other car around & it’s pointless to wait for the full traffic light cycle.

f. iCarumba!: Bart Simpson/English translator – Translates everything you say to Bart Simpson phrases.

g. iTeen: Teen Language Adaptor – Translates everything you say into teenspeak, with an edgy mix of insolence, annoyance, boredom, superiority and victimhood.

h. iRoll: Eye-Rolling App – Rolls the eyes of your virtual online avatar during video calls. Works with iTeen.

i. iList: List Generator – Automatically generates top ten lists for you to post on social media sites based on your personal likes and dislikes, which are conveniently already well known by the Cloud.

j. iWatch: Event Viewer – an app that will save you time by watching a movie, TV show, or online video for you and download your opinion about it, based on previous likes & dislikes, directly into your social media profile.

k. i’Mdone: That’s it. End of list.

What the future will actually bring, as seen by my Daisy Brain:


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