How to be Like My Dog

My dog is a great role model for me. He is the best person I know and the best person I can imagine anyone being. Here are some  things he has taught me about how best to go through life:

  • Don’t waste time being angry  

  • Always express the joy of being near the people you love
  • Be content in the silence among friends
  • Accept every individual of every species for who they are
  • My love must be unconditional
  • Pay very close attention to other peoples’ feelings, wants and needs as expressed through sound and body language
  • Enjoy treats
  • Do not judge smells as bad; think of them as important sources of information
  • Don’t complain
  • Don’t obsess over injuries – keep enjoying life
  • Live in the moment
  • Accept affection from anyone
  • Give affection to anyone who accepts it
  • Love to go on long walks, especially through the woods

Advice from humans & dogs:


This flower will take you to a guest column by Duke (pictured above, with Tink)


And this flower will take you to some of the things I’ve learned this lifetime, as a human


4 Responses to How to be Like My Dog

  1. Your dog and cat look like my dog and cat! Sounds like they also have added things to your life as mine have…They are miracle healers.


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