Love Poems!

Here’s something you don’t see every day (or ever) on Daisybrain: Poems about love. I don’t know what’s come over me. Maybe it’s all the chocolate I just ate. As a disclaimer, these poems are based on memories, some of which are as old as middle school. But love stays just as mystical feeling no matter what stage of life you are in.


When I see you I cry

because I want you

I fantasize that if I open up my heart

and send you feelings of love

That you will magically receive them

and know that I am calling you


If I could take you in

and cradle you

like a baby dove

Keep you from the storm

All would be safe

and you would grow up well


You can’t swim in this sea of love

With all that Armor on

You’re going to sink to the bottom

Rusty, decaying and alone



I’m going to remember

To project myself through the Astral Plane

Please don’t be startled

When I show up naked and translucent in your bedroom

And it probably would be best not to wake up your boyfriend


I’m tellin ya, I hate love poems

The problem is that when you’re in love

All the cliches make sense

So maybe you have to read them when you’re in love

I also hate really literal prose-sounding poems

So I would really hate this poem

Luckily, it’s not a poem.

Beneath this flower lie more Daisybrain poems:



2 Responses to Love Poems!

  1. Dear Eric, This is completely off topic, but I don’t know another way to contact you. I am the other person in your thread with Technorati. I had the same problem. In the end, I unclaimed my blog and reclaimed it. Suddenly new subjects appeared with higher authority than usual. As this actually reflects things mentioned in the blog, I have a feeling that it really was something wrong with Technorati, and it did not reflect my blog traffic. Irksome.

    But probably not worth worrying about. Your blog is interesting. I always wanted an illustration of the components of Nylon, Dacron and other polyesters in mine.


  2. A Poem on ‘Love’, Please read and comment at:

    A Battle To Lose (Love!!!)


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