… But I’m Not a Poet!


detail of “discontented el-terco”

I don’t know what it is about personal blogs – probably the total lack of editorial oversight – but even persons with no poetry credentials, such as myself, feel free to burden the world with whatever “poetry” pops into their heads. Please don’t hate me.

So here it is… a couple more Daisybrain poems! These have a definite rap or spoken word feel, so feel free to read them out loud, with rhythm.


Howzit Goin?













Discover my Distress

Beneath my Disingenuous Display

Meant only to Dissuade Discovery of my Dysfunction

The Counselor’s Rap

We need a subsidence of the word ‘guidance’

‘Cause I’m here to hear ya

That’s why I’m sittin’ near ya

So go ahead and spill the beans

I’m here to help by any means

You’ll feel beneficence

No maleficence

And I won’t even put in my two cents

Cause I’m here to accept ya


With positive regard to put it synonymously

Believe my fidelity

I’m here for you

And I’ll help ya get justice ‘til we break on through

To the other side

Where you can be you

No matter what your cultural milieu

Beneath this flower lies Wordocracy, a post with numbers, letters & a poem:


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