I Don’t Support the Troops

Well, it’s time to lose a few of my blog’s followers. I’m sorry to see you go, but I know that after reading this, some of you won’t want anything more to do with me. So, why am I posting it? Maybe, it’s because it seems like there’s no point in writing a poem if you don’t share it with people. Maybe, it’s because I know that avoiding conflict gets in the way of more fully living according to my convictions. One of these convictions is that I should speak my truth even if it reveals differences in values with people I respect and with whom I have ongoing relationships. So here it is, the death-knell to maintaining readership among those who only barely tolerate my blog or who were lured in by some innocuous post poking fun at English grammar.

That was a long fear-induced introduction to:

I don’t support the troops

I don’t support the troops

I don’t
The troops
Outside of right wing fanatical religious zealots,
I am the only person in America who does not support the troops
A political party of one
Fighting for illusions, money, pride, vengeance, loyalty, sense of duty, obligation…
I don’t care.
I Don’t Support the Troops.

I hate sports
I hate
I am the only person in America who doesn’t care about the game, any game
A religion of one
Communities spending money to build stadiums, little kids told how to engage in ritualistic war simulation, win, win, win…
I don’t care.
I Hate Sports.

I despise both religion and atheism
I despise
Religion and atheism
I am the only person in America who can’t stand peoples’ religion and peoples’ anti-religion
A support group of one
One is absurdly nonsensical, the other obnoxiously self-righteous
I don’t care.
I Despise Both Religion and Atheism.

Competition sickens me
Sickens me
I am the only person in America who is sickened by competition
A community of one
Healthy competition, survival through competition, contests, awards…
I don’t care.
Competition Sickens Me.

I oppose hunting
I oppose
I am the only person in America who opposes all hunting
A club of one
Thinning the herd, hunting for food, for sport, using the whole animal, trophies, bows, guns, hooks…
I don’t care.
I Oppose Hunting.

I am against all war
A society of one
I am the only person in America who is against all past, present and future wars
Preemptive war, defensive war, justified war, war on drugs, on poverty, on terror…
I don’t care.
I Am Against All War.

I’m not better than anyone else
I’m not worse than anyone else
But I’m tired of hiding my truth
I Do Not Support the Troops

One of these daisies will take you to a poem about blogging. The other, well, who knows?

3 Responses to I Don’t Support the Troops

  1. [voice=peeved] Way to make me think, Eric. Way to make me look at my own thoughts on these topics. Way to make me traipse into the swamp at the outer edge of my understanding of my own views, beliefs and opinions. What are you? Some kind of . . . thinker . . thought . . . person, or something? [/voice]


  2. Otis says:

    You are not alone, there are many people around the world that don’t support the troops. That’s a nice poem by the way, I did enjoy reading it.


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