Word needed! A metal container is a can and a glass container is a jar. But we have no word (that I know of) for a plastic container. I suggest plidge, because it rhymes with “fridge,” and thus would be a boon to the both the poetry and music industries.

Widget: A small Widge

Piayes: A more positive piano

Sportsship: An alternative to the gender biased, antiquated & unnecessarily long “sportsmanship.”

Wordelicacies: Very special, delicious, and rare words, like chortle, fribble, foundling, bibelot, chockablock, flimflam and trifle.

Anagrammar: Anagram pairs that seem to go together, such as veto and vote, since a vote can be undone with a veto and a veto can be overridden with a vote.

Werd: a word nerd, such as the author of this post

Backwords: Here are some interesting backwards words.

flimflam: malfmilf

which is internet speak for a malfunctioning yet hot mother

program: margorp

which sounds like an oily granola snack food

tomato: otamot

which is such a cool sounding word that companies and bands have named themselves it

grownup: punworg

not very flattering – reminds me of that episode of Star Trek where grownups were called “grumps”

computer: retupmoc

which is much cooler sounding than “computer.” I suggest saying it with a comma after the “up,” as in, “Ret up, moc!”


.noisnemid htruof eht tuoba saw tI .sdrawkcab yletelpmoc repap a etorw-dnah I ,egelloc nI

For more Werdiness, see what lies beneath this flower:


One Response to Wordelicacies

  1. Grobundly Molefablersberg says:

    “sportsship” is fine, but I think “sportingship” flows off the tongue a bit better.


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