Free Idea #12: Talking Smoke Detectors

How many times has this happened to you? You hear that annoying beeping sound, indicating that one of the smoke detectors in your apartment or house has low battery charge, and then you go around standing under or near all of them, waiting for the beep to try to locate the right one. Maybe you’re like me and you dismantle or destroy one of the smoke detectors only to discover that it’s the wrong one. This activity can take a long time and it produces unhealthy stress.

I suggest that smoke detector manufacturers create speaking smoke detectors. They would be programmed to say, “livingroom,” or “upstairs bathroom,” etc. They could even be more simple and announce a number that corresponds to the offending detector. Perhaps, they could leave in the annoying but potentially life-saving beeping sound and add a number that would tell you which one needed a battery change. I picture a dial on the bottom of the detector where you could choose a letter-number combination, like “U-3” for the upper level third smoke detector.

So, that’s my suggestion, which I give freely to the world. Let me know if anyone takes me up on it!

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