New Business Names!


I have a friend who for years worked for a business that made up and sold name ideas to other companies. That seems like the best job to get paid for in the world. In that spirit, I’ve come up with the following fantasmispectaculastic names for businesses. I can’t believe the following made up words are not already the names of businesses. In fact, most of them receive zero hits in searches. I have reserved all of them as dot coms, so if you want the name for your hip, new business, contact me.

  • Thoughticity
  • Synchrilliant

  • Incrastination
  • Brillinity
  • Stoakacity
  • Actionimate
  • Authenticapable
  • Incredilux
  • Dynammimic
  • Terrifibulous
  • Styrolung
  • Quanterect
  • Tentalox
  • Terrifacular

Of course, some business names should be avoided. Click on the daisy to see why: 

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