New Words for Old

From Now On….

From now on, socks are called Foot Pockets.

From now on, shoes are called Foot Cases.

From now on, the act of pooping is called Fecalization*.

From now on, a comb is called a Hair Rake.

From now on, a rake is called a Yard Comb.

From now on, a wardrobe is called a Peacedrobe.

From now on, coffee is called Jitter Juice.

From now on, water is called Ice Juice.

From now on, blood is called Animal Juice.

From now on, a computer is called a Program Interface.

From now on, hamburger is called Cow Mash.

From now on, getting dressed is called Unstripping.

From now on, religion is called Group Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

*Thanks to Zifnor for that one

Anagrams, fun with spelling & other Wordisms await you under this flower:


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