Free Idea #13: Candy Patches

The other day, I noticed my stepson really getting into the smell of a freshly decanted bottle of cream soda. I’m that way with chocolate, but the I end up eating massive quantities of the stuff and regretting it later. Today, in fact, I have a full blown chocolate hangover. Which is why I’d like to see Candy Patches. These would be like the essential oil patches that already exist to help wealthy hippies relax through the smell of lavender, or sharpen their middle aged memories through rosemary infused into a sticky patch. They would stick right on the skin, but instead of nicotine or elderberry extract, etc., they would exude the aroma of mint caramel, or sour lemon drops. Think of the fun the kids would have smelling each others’ patches. And the best thing is, they would be calorie-free.

For more fee ideas, see this.

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