I Should Probably Blog

I should probably blog

I’ve got great ideas

And half-remembered things that I’ve said


I should probably blog

I have half-thought thinks

And half-baked ideas in my head


I should probably blog

I’ve got a kind of good pun

And some sort of observation


I should probably blog

I’ve got time on my hands

Though I know it’s just mental masturbation


I should probably bog

To avoid engaging in life

Delay work with blogging procrastination


I should probably blog

Though it’s pointless I know

And I’d be better off going to bed


I should probably blog

Waste magical words

And magic is fun… when you’re dead

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6 Responses to I Should Probably Blog

  1. I love blogging and have a file with a number of ideas in it. At one time, I had a number of posts done in advance; now I’m doing more day-to-day. I also like to post pictures, not simply because they’re easy to post, but they’re a great way to say things without using words and photography is something I’ve always been interested in and would like to do better. Incidentally I’ve also noticed that “readers” like pictures, probably for a variety of reasons, including that they don’t take much time to view, it doesn’t take a lot of thought, it’s fun to look at pictures and who knows why else? But as I said in most “Blogging is like crack post”, blogging is terribly addictive as well as enjoyable!! It can be highly annoying, though, when WordPress won’t let me do something or doesn’t work correctly or I push “Publish” when I meant to click “Preview.” :-0


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hurray for meta-blogging!


  3. Doreen Van Assen says:

    Hi Eric,
    I have been away from blogging for a while since my house was burgularized and computer stolen and television and other things. My ipad fortunately in the trunk of the car 🙂 Your poem has me pondering questions no where related to the poem lol. Your brain usually jumpstarts my brain into something out of nowhere. Could politicians include scientific mathmatical data in there debates to make some sense in what they are selling? Like is it even a possibility to ever decrease the jobless rate? Population growth increasing, the age of retirement increasing, college tuition unafforable to unemployed parents. Slowing the rate while providing the best education possible to youth is the best probability. You could slow the rate by lowering the retirement age but then what will happen to social security? With the retirements youth take the jobs at a lesser pay due to not as much experience this creates more money for private market to invest in expansion to be able to hire more employees in the future. The more and more population for the same amount of jobs creates static wages or decreased wages and everyone becomes a poor worker no matter how much education they have paid for. It is a big giant mess 😦


  4. Doreen Van Assen says:

    Maybe at say age 55 offer an opportunity for half retirement and only halftime work of mentoring the youth that will be hired. This will give a ten year period of extra worker and the retiree adjustment time period of slowing down and comfortable leaving the mentoree in there place. Not only would the young learn from the old but also the old would learn new ideas from the young and create better practices for everyone. 🙂 although this scenario is not working so great on Grey’s Anatomy the older and younger heart surgeons are not quite getting along but maybe they will come up with with ideas combined in a later episode that will save more lives then ever before. Also for any business that adopts this plan off a tax break (have no clue why just sounds good to bribe a company into doing something different)


    • l0oree says:

      It seems that employers use a current system of when worker reaches max pay which is about age 55 with the yearly 5 cent raise to find any and all faults for poor evaluation then fire the worker to hire new grad for less pay. This creates more unemployment by the worker not reaching the age of retirement, so there you have the reason to offer tax break 🙂


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