15 Word Poetry

Laura Salas is a children’s writer with a wonderful poetry and children’s book blog. A while back, she posted this picture and challenged readers to write a poem to go with it.

Your challenge here, if you should accept it, is to write a poem exactly 15 words long for this picture. I find that word length restrictions open up creativity. Here is my submission:


Hold me back!
I don’t wish to harm you.
But my nature is to stab.


Please have fun in the comments section with your poetic interpretations.

And then, follow this flower:

7 Responses to 15 Word Poetry

  1. l0oree says:

    Neck against a sword,
    Let’s be friends once more;
    To make peace with the world.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Movements, loud and quick.
    A moment frozen in time.
    All is silent,
    All is still.


  3. The fight
    brings death

    tragic, comic, avoidable, regrettable
    unable to still their hands
    both lunge


  4. grace says:

    whittle clean crisp white away,
    swords struggle,
    fighters play,
    expose the undercurrents kept at bay


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