Wandering Wonderings

A Legal Question:

What if one conjoined twin is convicted of assaulting the other?

A Psychology Question

I wonder how a couple would resolve conflicting compulsions that are the result of obsessive-compulsive disorder. What if one partner felt compelled to leave a coin on the kitchen counter and the other felt compelled to leave a kitchen counter totally cleared of all objects? They would never be able to leave the house. So, please make sure to exchange inventories of compulsions before  starting a relationship. Unless, of course, one of your compulsions is to never make or exchange lists.

A Theological Question

If the Bible foretells that, in the end, Satan will lose his battle with God, why does Satan even bother? Hasn’t he ever read the Bible?

A Bat Question

In the Dark Night Rises, a nuclear bomb is about to destroy Gotham City. After having his broken spinal cord punched back into place, furiously working out to get back into shape, climbing out of a prison pit thousands of miles away and somehow, with no possessions and having lost all of his money, making it back to Gotham City, all access to which had been cut off by the super villains, with almost no time left before the bomb goes off, Batman shows up, clean shaven, in his costume. Why did Batman take time out to shave?

Questionable Question Marks

Is it possible to correctly use two question marks in a row?

Look at this sentence: Should I print his question, “Should I use a question mark…?”? Is this really the correct punctuation, ?”?? (See how I cleverly worded that to get in that last question mark?)

A Child rearing Question

Why do we spend the first two years of a children’s lives telling them to stand up and to speak, only to spend the next 20 years telling them to sit down and shut up?

See where this friendly daisy takes you:

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