Ward of Wordcraft

Foxify: to convolute & twist around any news story until it becomes an indictment of Democrats.

The Outciders: a cool name for a cider company.

Termight: a noncommittal termite.

The Sara Tones: a good name for a band.

Smelliful: Like colorful, but with smells.

Phonee: A telephone addict

Decapitation: Removing the caps from plastic bottles before recycling.

Politricks: Campaigning as an extremist to win a primary election, blinking & becoming an instant centrist for the general election.

Polidiction: Barack Obama saying things like, “Amercah” at political rallies in the Midwest.

Politickle: Funny politics, like when Mitt Romney opposes affirmative action and then describes his one-man mission to hire people based on gender, and the question of what he has done with his “binder full of women” now that he’s no longer Governor.


3 Questions that haunt me:

  1. Why humans and not humen?
  2. In Star Trek: Generations, when Captain Kirk falls to his death, why doesn’t the Enterprise just travel back in time, as they did in the episode, “Assignment Earth,” and catch the Captain before he hits the ground?
  3. Why are there X-rated and XXX-rated films, but no XX-rated films?


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