The Coming Achocolypse

Discovering chocolate that you had forgotten, late at night, hidden away in a cabinet or pantry is one of the signs of the impending Achocolypse when the false chocolate (carob) will battle the angelatins of Count Chocula in the Temple of Theobromine.

Admittedly, I haven’t read much of the Bible, but I’m pretty sure that’s all in there.

Here is some more chocolatology to enrich your vococoabulary:

  • Chocolater: A time to eat more chocolate, later than the earlier chocolate-eating times (chocearlier).
  • Choctoberfest: So much more delicious than that beer drinking festival.
  • While many couples have trouble admitting that they are co-dependent, I readily admit that I am cocoa-dependent.
  • Chalklate:¬†Cheap, dry chocolate with the taste and consistency of a sidewalk writing utensil.
  • Chocolite: Reduced fat chocolate. Pointless, really.
  • Chocolatino: A delicious demographic of voters.
  • Chocolatvia: A place I want to visit.

This is not the first time that chocolate has oozed into my blog posts. Discover more by letting your mouse bite into this delicious chocolate daisy:

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