More Fat Cats

Fat Cat is a word game for two or more people; think of a rhyming adjective and noun, such as “fat cat.” Describe it with synonyms, such as “obese feline.” The other person tries to guess your phrase.

In previous posts, located under these two daisies,

I’ve supplied readers with killer Fat Cat suggestions so they, like I, can rule supreme in the world of impressing family members on long car trips. Recently, I noticed my Synonym Senses tingling; at first I thought there was definitional danger afloat in the Land of Linguistics (the lexicographical center of the Continent of Conversatia). I quickly picked up my grammar hammer and was about to conjugate into action, crushing syntax sinners and word wasters when it occurred to me that the problem was that my literati legions had exhausted their supplies of witty Fat Cat zingers and were desperate for a new list to unleash upon those foolish enough to challenge their linguistic leadership. So here it is:

teen flick: juvie movie

convenient sweet: handy candy

inappropriate butt: crass ass

discount tires: wheel deal

last acquaintance: end friend

Rodent piroette: squirrel twirl

agoraphobic arachnid: insider spider

boyfriend’s blanket: lover cover

magic reptile: lizard wizard

enchanting gong: spell bell

slimmest fiddler: thinnest violinest

commentator craziness: Hannity insanity

fat ganders: obese geese

spirit swimwear: genie bikini

amphibian pollution: frog smog

sled head: toboggan noggin

Well, that should be enough to hold you until the next etymological emergency. Until then, feel free to peek under any of these lovely flowers:



2 Responses to More Fat Cats

  1. Carissa says:

    Great list! I may have to use some of these as examples when I have my students make these in class to do vocab


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