Word is the Bird: A Guide to English


I know English can be confusing. That’s why I am providing this helpful* guide.

Buried – the past tense of berry (also spelled berried)

Relate – to be late again

Bird – to be covered in burrs, normally when your dog is walking you through bushes (also spelled burred)

Remember – one who has rejoined an organization

Wouldn’t – not made of wood (also spelled woodn’t)

Quatre Cinque – the sad result of not having taught your cat to swim

Sank – past tense of sync, as in “I sank my iPod.”

Stared – confronted with stairs (also spelled staired)

Symbolic – the sound or affect of a cymbal (also spelled cymbolic)

Soared – having been made sore, possible with a sword

Present – before having been sent

Deliver – to remove one’s liver

Discover – a package for a compact disk

Product – a duct requiring professional duct tape

Asking – the term the People have for a particularly obnoxious & loathed king


More new definitions (or Nude Effin’ Itions):

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