an extremely important Daisybrain story

Daisy BrainDarker

Greta wants some better cheddar for Henrietta who is making enchiladas. And if you’d ever met her, you’d know you’d better let her get her some better cheddar. Although not the best choice of cheese, at least it’s cheap cheese. So you let Greta get a choice chunk of cheddar to make a whole lotta enchilada.

Henrietta gives the enchiladas to President Sharon, saying, “This pleasant present is presented in the present, Madame President, though it be a repast.” Sharon places them in place by the kitsch in the kitchen, on the counter. Count Herre encounters her at the counter, but Sharon counters Count Herre by counting her enchiladas and contending that she can’t countenance counting the Count in. “I’m not sharin’,” says Sharon.

Meanwhile, the Bay King is baking bacon by the beacon. He beckons Becky to be calm and become his beloved. He is an unthinking king (and a drinking king), and will have a seizure, yelling, “seize her!” if he sees her with Caesar.

In the end, there is better butter in the batter that the baking King is making, though Greta won’t regret a bit that she bet her better cheddar for a lotta enchilada baking.

Another Daisybrain short story lies beneath this flower:



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