hominin skulls

Coming soon to this internet: Sapien, a serialized blog covering the entire evolutionary history and future of our species, from 65 million years in the past to the extinction of the human race 4 or 5 years from now. I may leave out a few details. But, the main idea of the story is simple: from our earliest proto-human ancestors, our kind has been on a march toward the destruction of the planet. We began by wiping out nearly all other primate relatives, from Homo Erectus to Neanderthals. We continued by saturating the land with our species, destroying the habitats of millions of species and will finally kill the planet itself with global warming. I know, it sounds a bit depressing, but there’s a lot of fun stuff along the way, like baked potatoes, ska music and Minecraft.

My arbitrary goal is to begin writing this series within the next two weeks and churn out an episode a week until all of human history has been condensed and relayed to the casual reader in blog form.

So stay tuned to the internet for the premier episode of Sapien… coming soon (and destroying all life in its path)!

And ’til then, feel free to look under this daisy:


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