Teens in the teens: Broken Kids and other poems for the teen decade


Now and then, I inflict my poetry upon the world. This is now, but it will soon be then, so it’s time once again….

Broken Kids

Anger shooting out unstoppable

Protect myself with walls of stories

I will find structure, sense, stability

“normal” is very far out there

Need Control

Need Love

Need Future

Need Stuff


My Assassins Leveled Up

My Assassins Leveled Up

Don’t look at me!

I see you looking at me.

I know what that look means.

You don’t see me. You don’t know what my life is like.

You don’t have to deal with what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Stop looking at me.

See me.

I have no time… I’m bored

I have no time…

Homework, homework, homework.

Chores, chores, chores.

Fighting, yelling, stressing

Snores, snores, snores.

…I’m bored

Out Rage Us

My life is crap. I could talk to him but he said that? He said that?

I will mess him up.¬†Watch out. I don’t care.

She’s my sister. No one else matters.

I’m alone. Fuck it. Whatever.

What’s behind the flower?


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