I dunno why, but a sic-fi story idea popped into my head the other day and needed to be written down. Here’s the synopsis. If you want to pay me millions of dollars for the screen play, you know where to leave a comment!



In 2016, Ibrahim and Sandrine Barry discovered a cheap and easy method to extend animal life indefinitely. Knowing that the release of this information would quickly lead to an unimaginable population explosion accompanied by mass starvation and destruction of the planet, they kept their secret for over a decade, refusing even to extend the lives of Ibrahim’s parents, whom they watched die. Ibrahim and Sandrine also believed it would be unethical to take the mortality cure themselves.

It was in May of 2026 that the Barry’s first shared their secret, and that was only after a decade of efforts to consult with world leaders and scientists finally led to an agreement among a consortium of Chinese and African entrepreneurs and political leaders to create Aster. Aster was the name given to the planet that would be constructed by carefully engineered collisions in the asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Enough material existed in the asteroid belt to form a planet capable of sustaining 10 to 12 billion people.

The new planet of Aster would be augmented by an unprecedented array of technology built to create a habitable environment. Even so, it was known that such a planet would be inherently unstable, posing an enormous risk to its inhabitants. What was not known, was that the thing that caused an ancient planet to be destroyed millions of years prior, creating the asteroid belt, still lurked within those very rocks that they sought to reassemble.

For an even shorter Daisybrain story, click the little daisy:dasy

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