Word is a Funny

Blog posts need pictures. Here’s one:



Funny is a word, and by the Commutative Law, word is a funny. Here are some ways that word is a funny:

Word that are singular in meaning but we treat as plural:

  • pants
  • scissors
  • eye glasses
  • news
  • acoustics
  • species

Words that are plural in meaning but we write as singular:

  • water fowl
  • sheep
  • aircraft
  • deer
  • salmon
  • Fish

Bare Rings

If you use a ring to train a bear, and you train the bear on a ship in the Bering Strait, you will have to keep your bear ring straight in the Bering Strait while keeping your bearings straight.

Doctor-Fish Connections

  • Sturgeon rhymes with surgeon.
  • Doc backwards is cod.
  • Doctor Who is from the planet Gallifrey, and this person’s name is Rodger Gallifrey Fish: https://www.facebook.com/stinkyfishtank .
  • “Who” is an absurd spelling, as the ‘w’ is silent and the ‘o’ should be ‘oo’; so, too, is “fish,” which could as easily be spelled ‘ghoti,’ as explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghoti .
  • In fact, Ghoti contains the ‘ho’ from Who, and the ‘G’, ‘t’, and ‘i’ add up to ‘W’: Assign a numerical value for each letter of the alphabet in sequence, and g(7) + t(20) + i(9) = 36.  exactly the value of ‘w’.*
  • Doctors take the hippocratic oath. The hippobosca is a horse fly. Horses can’t fly. Neither can fish.
  • Hippophagy is the practice (mainly in Europe) of eating horse meat. Fish will also eat horse meat, if cut up into small enough pieces. “Pieces” looks like Pisces, which is the astrological sign of the fish.
  • “Fish” is both a noun and a verb; so is “doctor”.

And there you have it. Fish are doctors. For more incredible coincidences, see what lies beneath this flower:dasy

*That’s actually not true at all; I was very cleverly lying to make my point.

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