Original Post


Is it possible to have a truly original thought? Yes, I say! I assert that the following thoughts have never before been thought in the history of thinking:

  1. If penguins came out of my nose right now they’d be on fire.
  2. If I lived inside my dog’s toenail, I’d have to be careful not to fall out when he was scratching his ear.
  3. I’ll grow up to teach social & emotional skills, get arrested a few times for protesting war & start a blog called “Daisybrain”.
  4. Perhaps we could make friends with the cold virus, if we just understood its culture.
  5. If Morgan Freeman took a vow of silence, he would have to become a professional belly dancer.
  6. Hard work, responsibilities and self-reflection are just ways to escape drugs.
  7. No one has yet managed to rhyme the word “tomato” with the word “pancreas”.
  8. Cauliflower may be the most intelligent vegetable, but broccoli is cunning and pushes its way around other vegetables in its unending quest to rule human civilization with its weak-minded puppets: carrots and brussels sprouts.
  9. The air has decided not to go out today.
  10. If you took a person and replaced their body with a piano, you would have a piano.

Beneath this daisy lie some more original thoughts from Daisybrain:


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