I am a Four Leaf Clover: Haiku of Alienation and Futility


I am Spiderman

I am a four leaf clover

I am all alone


Put me in a box

To love me is to kill me

Preserve me for now


I can do this job

Just turn off part of my brain

I can function well


I look around me

They would burn me as a witch

If they only knew



All is just futility

Monotony rules


It’s lonely on top

Of course, I’m at the bottom

It’s lonely here, too


I went to college

I learned other people’s words

I was such a fool


I don’t say the Pledge

I don’t owe an allegiance

to the flag or you


You know the Ramones song “I’m Against It“? No? Well this daisy leads to a poem that’s kind of like that song, only devoid of the song’s lightness, humor, good nature & fun teenage aesthetic:


One Response to I am a Four Leaf Clover: Haiku of Alienation and Futility

  1. Norbert says:

    Hello, I enjoyed reading your poems, though I’m not sure it’s Haiku.😛
    I often find four leaf clovers. I feed them to my Dog. Lol I was wondering if this is bad for his health. I saw him eating clovers before. Anyways, I found no answers here…. But I liked what I read anyway. Thanks.


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