Free Idea #16: Gum Saver


So, you’re on the bus on the way back to school from a field trip, chewing a tasty piece of gum. You know when you get to school you’ll have to ditch the gum, but it still has a lot of good chewing capacity left. You could take a cue from teenie boppers of the 1950s and stick it behind your ear, but you already have dozens of pieces of gum back there, so old that you have to go to a dermatologist to get them surgically removed: an in-house procedure that is none-the-less not covered by most insurance policies.

I suggest that an entrepreneur reading this create a small, sanitary, air-tight gum holding box. Ideally, it could slip on to a wrist band, so the gum would be ready for you to resume chewing at a moment’s notice.

Save the Earth: save your gum, and get all the gum chewing pleasure that little piece of whatever they make gum out of now is capable of providing!

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