The Wild Wilderness of Words

Word Ways concentrated on the 'intellectual discipline' of wordplay

profound: Something that has been professionally found.

euphemysticism: calling something ordinary, like a coincidence, by a name that implies a mystical cause, like “The Secret.”

practicalories: calories from a sensible food, like minestrone.

Tibetan: The tan I imagine you get vacationing at a Tibetan mountain retreat.

grandneighbor: the grand parent of your neighbor.

toothprick: a real bastard of a toothpick.

We have the word “nowhere,” to describe a lack of being somewhere. Now it’s time for “nowhy,” “nowhen,” “nohow,” and “nowhat”:

There is no reason for this post. It’s nowhy.

It never happened; it took place nowhen.

There is no way out of this; we can solve this problem nohow.

Absolutely nothing is happening; nowhat is going on.


Time for Haiku:

I am sitting here

Writing this in a cafe

Just to pass the time


Here’s a new sport: Horsebelly riding. It’s like horseback riding, but much more challenging.


We have “today,” “tonight,” and “tomorrow”. It’s time to add tomorning,” toafternoon,” and, for time travelers, toyesterday”.

This brings us to tomorning’s daisy, which will take you to toyesterday’s post of word exploration:


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