I Know How You Think

10 things

I’m willing to bet that you believe at least 7 out of 10 of the following, even though your higher brain functions tell you it’s irrational:

  1. People who drive faster than you are “insane” and people who drive slower than you are “stupid idiots.”*
  2. If you have children, you know that everyone else is raising their children completely the wrong way.
  3. You are going to get into shape one day while those overweight people you see out on the street will still be fat in 10 years, if they’re alive.
  4. The government should not ignore the will of the people, and also, most people are stupid.
  5. Unemployed people milk the system and don’t really deserve unemployment checks, but when you lose your job, that’s your money godammit! You paid in & the state owes you!
  6. You live in the best country in the world and other people have screwed up your country.
  7. Taxes are bad, but the major programs that taxes fund (in the U.S., the military and Social Security) are good!
  8. We should accept people who believe differently than us even though they are completely wrong. If they are politically wrong, they are assholes, and if they are religiously wrong, they are doomed – God loves them but will have no problem sending them to Hell for an eternity.
  9. To protect ourselves, sometimes we have to do some things that may be evil against terrorists, and you can tell which ones are terrorists because they do evil things.
  10. We can’t trust the legal system to deal with terrorists – terrorists don’t believe in the rule of law.

*inspired by George Carlin

The Power of Ten: Clicking the following flower will bring you to another list of 10 and one step closer to EnlighTENment!


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