It’s always more exciting when you use all caps and an exclamation point in your blog post titles. But it’s not just graphic hyperbole – this post is SUPER EXCITING because I am introducing some important new words that you will want to shout from the rooftops (assuming you’re not living in a country where they shoot you for that, which is harder & harder to find).


  1. Practickling: to practice tickling
  2. Zomboni: a Zamboni, driven by a zombie
  3. Bebig: the opposite of belittle (He’s feeling down & needs some bebigging)
  4. Posthumorous: a joke that has come back after it has died, or a comedian we like to watch after he’s died, like George Carlin
  5. Asspirin: aspirin for a buttache
  6. Internalize: When a business saves money by replacing paid workers with interns
  7. Vampirate: Name of a movie that Roger Corman should direct about a vampire pirate ship
  8. Brainbow: a highly intelligent rainbow
  9. Interestingling: a tingling sensation you get in your brain when you come across something truly fascinating (I feel an interestingle)
  10. Fartist: someone who puts a lot of care into the sounds of their farts (she is truly fartistic)

Some old new words lie just beneath this flower; give it a click:


One Response to NEWORDS!

  1. There used to be a Stern show regular who billed himself as a fartist. (It was less of an art than a sideshow act, really.)


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