Crapper’s Ballcock


As noted in an important previous Daisybrain Post, and contrary to popular belief, Thomas Crapper was not the inventor of the toilet. However, as an innovative plumber, Crapper did leave his mark on the toilet. His design of the floating ballcock represented a vast improvement for flush toilets. Crapper’s ballcock helps to give us a smooth flushing experience. To honor Mr. Crapper, I believe that the ballcock should be referred to either as the Crapcock or as the Ball Crapper.  I urge readers, when discussing the internal mechanisms of the toilet, to spread word of the Ball Crapper, or the Crapcock, or possibly the Cock Crapper, which would be another respectful term.

One way to spread news of Crapper’s invention would be to hold a series of events, which we could call “Crapper’s Cock Balls,” during which time the Ball Crapper Cock, or as I like top call it, the Cock Crapper Ball, could be honored.

Please read this post out loud to anyone between the ages of 10 and 14.

For more cheap, juvenile, scatological humor, kindly click this flower:


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