Higgy Piggy Meets Fat Cat

a fat cat

Fat Cat is a rhyming game in which one person supplies a clue, such as, “a rodent abode,” and the other must come up with a rhyming response, like, “mouse house.” I grew up calling the game “fat cat,” but a quick internet search reveals that everybody else calls it “Hig Pig,” or “higgy piggy.”  What’s a “hig”? What’s a “higgy”? I don’t know.

In previous posts, I’ve brought you Fat Cat rhymes sure to impress your linguistic lackeys. In this post, I delve further into the realms of top level Fat Cats that should only be used in emergencies, against your highest level opponents. Here they are; use them judiciously.

A subtle crook: A Subliminal Criminal

A microscope: A Science Appliance

A hyperactive rubberband: A Spastic Elastic

A late fete: A Tardy Party (Near rhymes are allowed!)

A trendy informant: A Hipster Tipster

A novel thief: A Book Crook

The First Lady’s familial role: Mamma Obama

Creationism: Theology Biology

Denying climate change: Science Defiance

Crappy dissertations: Theses Feces

That should hold you for now. Too many, and you would likely come by to challenge me to Fat Cat, and I can’t have that.  So, please click the flower to attend to another corner of the Daisybrain universe:


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