Anger Poems!


Angry grimace, grit my teeth, squeeze my eyes closed, shut it out.

Goddamnit. Fuck.

Nothing to do but start again.

Start the project again. Start me again.


Ever walk on a treadmill?

It takes effort just to go nowhere

If you ease up, you go backward

Think of how far you could go if you got off that treadmill


Regret regret regret regret

Each heartbeat counts down to the end

And here I am wasting seconds, minutes, hours, days

Being busy only feels like not wasting time… for a bit

There’s no point


Don’t walk into that train

Don’t… do… it…

You walked into that train. Again.



I don’t want to hear

Another fucking success story

About how, with pure determination

Someone overcame all of their problems

To do great things

And now sits on a pillowy throne of accomplishment.

For more poems of frustration, peer under the flower:



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