Celebrating the Kennedy Assassination at the 2013 Emmys

In television’s annual tribute to itself this year, Don Cheadle asserted that the assassination of President Kennedy will be forever linked in our minds with the Beatles performing on Ed Sullivan. That the Beatles were implicated in the Kennedy assassination was news to me, but it all made perfect sense as Carrie Underwood, born 20 years after Kennedy’s death, performed a moving out-of-key rendition of the Beatles’ Yesterday. As the song soothingly reminds us, all of our troubles seemed so far away back in a simple time when presidents were being murdered. With images of the March on Washington thrown into the montage, perhaps Carrie Underwood was showing us that thanks to TV, celebrity singers now have the freedom to sing off key. Either that, or she was exacting revenge on the Beatles for their role in the Kennedy assassination, by killing their song. Either way, it was moving for me – I moved away from the TV to refill my drink.

Even more astoundingly idiotic than the travesty that was the Emmys’ mash-up of history, was online media’s coverage of the self-indulgent event. Here is a splendid example. Hollywoodlife announces:

“To honor the role that television played in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his shooting’s aftermath, Don, 48, and Carrie, 30, honored the moment and time period with an emotional presentation and a song from the era.”

This was also the first I heard about television’s role in the assassination. Is that why Cronkite removed his glasses – to hide his identity as the 5th Beatle and Kennedy shooter?

Another site began with the headline “Don Cheadle and Carrie Underwood Celebrate the Kennedy Assassination…” (my emphasis). I commented on this headline yesterday and it’s been removed today, so I can’t supply you with a link. But trust me, they used the word “celebrate” in the same sentence as “Kennedy assassination.” What’s more, the picture that appeared under the headline was of Carrie Underwood singing in front of a giant image of the Beatles (as in the pic below). Once again, the media was revealing the role that the Beatles played in the assassination, and even celebrating it through song.


Carrie Underwood Celebrating The Kennedy Assassination

I’m not saying that the Emmys weren’t without their lighter moments. After all, they apparently played a huge practical joke on Jeff Daniels by awarding him an Emmy for his role in the mind-numbingly pedantic series The Newsroom.

For a completely unrelated story about another celebrity, click the daisy:



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