Some Daisybrain cartoons from days gone by….

There was an old, inane comic called Family Circus in all the newspapers in the end of the last century. Maybe it’s still there – I haven’t seen a paper in a decade or so. I think I must have thought it was called “Family Circle,” since it was drawn in a circular frame. Therefore, my title, Family Octagon, would have made sense…

This next one features Ronald Reagan…. He was known to take a lot of naps, and was showing signs of dementia by the end of his presidency. That might make it sound like it was mean of me to make fun of him. On the other hand, he was a fascist pig…


Here are a couple of comics I drew expressing concern over the military industrial complex, which is now so entrenched in our institutions that decrying it in cartoons seems rather pointless…MIC


This was George W. Bush’s father. In retrospect, he seemed like a relatively moderate Republican. But back then, he just seemed like a nerdy warmonger…

New World Odor


Yet another take on Bush’s New World Order slogan…

New World Order



Comic drawing influences? Mainly Doonesbury‘s Gary Trudeau and Mad Magazine‘s Don Martin

Follow this daisy to another Daisybrain cartoon:



2 Responses to Some Daisybrain cartoons from days gone by….

  1. It was called ‘Family Circle’ originally but was changed to ‘Circus’ after the publishers of the magazine Family Circle objected.


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