Sanitize Your Sponge


Ever get sick? Odds are, it’s because of that disgusting sponge in your kitchen sink. Sponges are a breeding ground for illness producing bacteria and mutated alien spores*. It’s only a matter of time until your sponge infects you with flesh-eating bacteria. But there’s hope! And here it is:

Sanitize Your Sponge

Here’s how. You’ll need:

    1. a sponge
    2. water
    3. a bowl
    4. a microwave over


    1. Microwave your revolting, wet sponge, along with a small bowl of water, for about 4 minutes.

That’s it! Smell your sponge now! It’s not sickening, is it? It’s not nauseatingly noxious, regurgitatingly revolting or even pukingly putrid. It’s ready to be your household helper once again.


To see the very first Daisybrain Presto-Learno, presto this daisy:



2 Responses to Sanitize Your Sponge

  1. Juan TRED says:

    Hey! I did this! It really worked too! I am wondering what the bowl of water is for. Could I also use a bowl of soup? That way I’m not wasting precious microwave energy. Or would the soup absorb the mutated alien spores?


  2. EricIndiana says:

    Thank you for writing, Juan, and thank you for your commitment to sanitation. I tried this first without the bowl of water & the sponge dried up like Clint Eastwood’s face. So, the water from the bowl vaporizes & keeps the sponge spongelike.


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