Help make English better, by using these new words from Daisybrain:

    • Holding on to a grudge: Grudgeful
    • Laughing a lot: Laughful
    • Unable to stop laughing: Laughasm
    • The name you go by when you’re in a manic state: Manickname
    • Playing a CD over and over again: CDOCD
    • Future MP3 player that can translate songs into any language in the universe: MP3-CPO
    • Anger and frustration: Angrustration
    • When you’re in a bad mood and you don’t know why: enigmad
    • Feelings that won’t go away: Feelingering
    • An unfriendly island: Hostisland
    • A gloomy ruling elite: Melancholigarchy
    • Using emoticons in an unintelligible way: Emoticonfusion

Click the flower for words to stimulate thought:


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