The Democratic Republic of Anagramia


Does rearranging the names of countries reveal some underlying truth about those countries? Let’s try it & see….

The letters of countries, rearranged:

  • Germany = Angry Me

  • El Salvador = Salad Lover
  • Nicaragua = Iguana Car
  • Yemen = Enemy
  • Mexico = Eco Mix
  • Italy = Lay it
  • Iceland = Nice Lad
  • South Africa = Safari Touch 
  • Scotland = Cold Ants
  • China = Chain
  • United States = Stateside Nut, as well as, A Stunted Site, and Tastiest Nude

Extend anagramorphology to other words in life; thinking less linearly may reveal the inner truth of our world.

Click the flower for more anagrams and words within words:dasy

One Response to The Democratic Republic of Anagramia

  1. j says:

    Argentina is “a grain net” and “agent iran.” Peru is “pure.”


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