More Curious Thoughts and Observations

 Daisy Brain

Reality is funny.

  • Does anyone else find it odd that we evolved to go blind if we looked up at the sun? We actually have to avert our eyes from the most prominent feature of the sky. This must be where the idea came from that it would kill you to look at God.

  • If you’re like me, you drive one way to a frequent destination, like work, and you take another route back, thinking that it’s faster.
  • Young people complain about old people, and old people complain about young people. This is like the caterpillar and the butterfly complaining about each other.
  • Progressives complain about right wingers having too much influence on the Republican party, when secretly they wish they had representatives with at least some influence on Democratic Party leaders.
  • If you think of your home as a very exclusive internet cafe, it seems far less pathetic that you never go outside.
  • Over the next two generations, people will have such extreme carpel tunnel syndrome and poor eyesight from video gaming that they will willingly have their eyeballs replaced by remote sensors that will receive all input from the internet and allow gaming all day from any location, all within the user’s mind.
  • Today, I saw two public restrooms, one labeled “Men,” the other “Women”. They were single occupancy bathrooms, next to each other. The men’s room had a line of three people and the women’s room had 20-30 people standing in line. This is a fairly common occurrence, made all the more ludicrous when you have two identical rooms, each containing a toilet and a sink. I was about to make a speech to the captive audience of people who had to urinate but, to my delight, three women left the women’s line and waited in line for the men’s bathroom, telling the others not to judge them. I’ll take this as a sign of the first crack in the unquestioned following of senseless rules.

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