Dear God in Heaven, Not Another Daisybrain Post!


Warning: This post has no literary or cultural merit. Sorry.

Toylet: a toy toilet

Penihilism: the rejection of all meaning that is not penis-centered

Scatastrophe: a catastrophe caused by fecal material

Scatapult: a catapult that utilizes, well, yeah….

Buttensil: a utensil designed to be grasped and used by the butt

Buttopia: a perfect world run by perfect butts

Pukelale: the reaction I have to the ukelele trend on Youtube

Vommitten: A mitten that also functions as a vomit repository.

Vomitzvah: The traditional Jewish practice of helping a vomiting person in need

Diarrheawaken: To be awakened by diarrhea

I could go on, but you’ve probably already clicked away from this page.

To further enhance your life, see what’s rotting under this daisy:


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