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You don’t find ugly color combinations in nature. I think that’s because our sense of beauty comes from the natural world. But why? Why do we find sunsets beautiful? It’s probably due to the bright colors. Why do we love bright colors? One explanation would be that we love bright colors in order to be attracted to ripe fruit. The sunset is just God’s way of reminding us to eat more fruit. Pollen collecting insects are also attracted to bright colors, so we share our sense of beauty with insects.

Just as the leaves of deciduous trees don brilliant colors in the fall, I wish that people would turn bright, beautiful colors as they aged. Can you imagine how splendid it would be to walk among elderly people? Nursing homes could charge admission to tourists. Maybe the particular pattern of colors would reflect the individual’s experiences. This would be a great conversation starter. We probably would drop all the euphemisms, like “seniors,” and just call the elderly, “people of color.”

mental illness

Would culture come to a standstill without mental illness? We are all familiar with the cliché archetype of the tortured artist. It seems to make sense that the most profound art would be created by people who see the world differently than regular folks, are unusually dissatisfied and trying to make sense of things, or have deep reserves of intense emotion to draw from. Thinking about the art movements and scientific breakthroughs significant enough to shift culture, there usually seems to be one person at the center, suffering from mental illness, who acts as the catalyst. If this is true, then several questions arise:

  • Does the individual artist or thinker need to suffer personally in order to move culture ahead?
  • Is there a survival advantage to our species in some percentage of the population suffering from mental illness in order to think differently from the others and allow us to adapt to changing conditions?
  • Would curing mental illness mean the end to cultural innovation?


Wars requires religious and/or political leaders to convince a segment of a population to fight other populations. It strikes me that if we changed the names of countries and religions around, we could eliminate all sense of patriotism and loyalty, and thus, all war. For examples, countries should have names like “Snot”. Who would kill for Snot? Who would think the Land of Snot was superior, to say, the Country of Poopy Diaper? Religions could have names like “Ass Crack” and “Penis Eyeball.” Would you really enslave and kill people to convert them to Penis Eyeball? I doubt it. Problem solved.

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One Response to Curiouser and Curiouser….

  1. robbieokeeffe says:

    I really liked the bit about color… get’s me thinking…


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