A self-referential post appeared in the Daisybrain blog. Authorities did not say whether this represented a crime of desperation, but no arrests have been announced.

As is common with Daisybrain posts, there seemed to to be no coherent theme. Instead, the post, titled simple, “post,” included the usual smattering of anagrams, questions about words, and odd observations. For example, it pointed ¬†out that mild mannered MSNBC newscaster Chris Hayes’ name could be rearranged to spell “Shy Cashier,” it asked why “addmittingly” wasn’t a word, and it suggested that because stereotypes were complicated that we should use “monotypes”.

Authorities were studying a graphic of a man with a pumkin for a head that was incorporated into the body of the post:


The post also asserted something incoherent about the Ramones and banana pudding, and gleefully included the word “fart”.

The post ended with a daisy link to another Daisybrain post:


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