About God


Good news! God exists! God is an amorphous, dissipating cloud of energy. It’s true that God is immortal; God is the creative lifeforce of the universe. God initiated the Big Band with a thought. Very involved with the initial swirling around of matter and energy, God expanded with the new universe. While God’s powers diminished with this dilution, even a couple thousand years ago, God was able to have some influence over human affairs. In fact, Earth was one of God’s last great creations. After that, God created a few minor planets and asteroids, perhaps some single-celled life somewhere. Human beings came into existence just at the end of God’s ability to affect change.

Now, as God continues to spread out with the ever-expanding universe, God is too dilute to create or influence anything in God’s own universe. God is a god of old age. Even God’s cognitive faculties are fading, and no, God can no longer hear your prayers. This is a blessing for God, who went through a period of about 1,000 years of being able to hear prayers but unable to do anything about them.

One of the factors that hastened God’s demise was the rapid increase in human population. Each time a human being comes into existence, a small quantity of God’s energy drifts from the God cloud to inhabit the new human being. This was not a big deal when humans numbered in the thousands, but the rapid rise to over seven billion people has taken its toll on God.

Now, God is a pleasant, fading entity, one which into which our life energies are reabsorbed after our bodies die, forever spreading out across the universe.

Please click on God’s daisy to be transported to a list of everything of consequence I’ve learned in this lifetime:dasy

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