Help The Philippines

The worst storm in recorded history slammed into the Philippines. Here are ways to help:

The Philippines Chapter of the Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity is aiming to raise funds to provide 10,000 core houses, cleaning kits for 50,000 families and shelter repair kits for 30,000 families in the affected areas.

The UN’s World Food Program is providing emergency food assistance to families and children.

Unicef is asking for funds to help children in urgent need of access to safe water, hygiene supplies, food, shelter and a safe environment.

World Jewish Relief is working to provide emergency food and water, temporary shelter, medical healthcare and emotional support for thousands of vulnerable children and families.

Catholic Relief Services has acquired 32,000 tarps and emergency supplies intended for the country. Its strategy is to serve 32,000 households in three areas: Ormoc, Palo and Basey.

Oxfam America is collecting money to rush emergency aid to the Philippines, including food, clean water, medicine, sanitation supplies and shelter.

Emergency teams from Doctors Without Borders arrived in the Philippines on Saturday. Four cargo planes carrying 329 tons of medical and relief items will arrive in the coming days, flying out of Dubai and Ostende.


One Response to Help The Philippines

  1. LeRoseNoire007 says:

    Thanks for leaving such an easily accessible, concise list. The Roman Catholic church is combining forces with the LDS church and Red Cross, and people can donate here as well:


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