That’s Just Science… the Daisybrain Way

That's just science pic

  • Time zones get earlier as you travel east and later as you travel west. Therefore, two people traveling in opposite directions will reach other other side of the planet 24 hours apart from one another and can pass harmlessly through each other. That’s just science.

  • The reason human beings developed such large, smart brains was that intelligence was valued by human and proto-human societies for millions of years. However, in the last several hundred years, from the Catholic Church to the Taliban, from the Chinese Cultural Revolution to Pol Pot to the US Tea Party, intellectuals have been distrusted, ridiculed, rejected and killed. Thus, we have entered a period of de-evolution, in which stupidity is a selected trait. Simultaneously, medical science is developing treatments and devices that allow more and more people to survive to reproductive age with inherently failing bodies. As our species continues to become stupider, this sort of scientific innovation will cease, and we will be left with both dysfunctional bodies and minds, and land shrimp will eat us. That’s just science.
  • Dogs eat cat poop not because it tastes good, like the flavor of digested  mouse heads, but because their immune systems are strengthened by the beneficial bacteria that resides in cat feces. We already have rectal implants for this same reason. But who wants to put someone else’s poop into their butts? That’s just gross. Instead, doctors will soon be recommending that you eat your dog’s poop. That’s just science.
  • The universe is ever expanding, like a balloon, and we are on the expanding surface. The big bang took place in the center. It’s axiomatic that the farther from the center an object is found, the older it is. So, on the opposite side of the ballooning universe from us, twice as far away as the center, things are older than the big bang. How is this possible?  Time didn’t exist at the start of the big bang. Just as there is no up or down in space, there is no forward or backward without events having already taken place. Therefore, the big bang threw energy and ensuing matter in both directions in time. To us, things on the opposite side of the universe appear to be traveling backward in time and we appear to them to be going backward. And, because of symmetry, they are a mirror image of us, so it’s us in reverse. That’s just science.

To learn about some flaws in your so-called “reality,” click this flower (if you dare):


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