A Series of Completely Unrelated Questions


  1. What are the strings in String Theory made of? Why even call them strings – isn’t it arrogant to assume that their structure, which has to accommodate the math, has to be something we can visualize?
  2. Why does the ch in “chaos” makes a k-sound? We already have a letter k for that purpose, and ch is supposed to make a cha-cha-cha sound. Does this mean I can eat chocolate chache?
  3. Why did we evolve to have difficult, painful childbirths? Does this make evolutionary sense?
  4. Why don’t people breed cats and dogs for longevity?
  5. Why do so many people who subscribe to the religion in which their god is put to death by capital punishment, favor capital punishment?
  6. Why do most people only support peace in between the wars?
  7. At the time of this writing, the weather service says there is a 100% chance of precipitation tonight. If it’s not already happening, how can there ever be a 100% chance of anything?
  8. If hot air absorbs more water, why does heating your house dry out the air?
  9. If all systems in the universe tend toward entropy, or disorder, as physicists say, why does the disorder of ice in a glass of water tend toward the order of thermally uniform water molecules?
  10. Why do microwave ovens beep incessantly after you cook something for 30 seconds, even though nothing bad can happen if you don’t immediately open the door and remove the food, whereas conventional ovens let you forget about the banana bread for hours while it turns to a charred crisp, catches on fire and burns down your house?

For more, even less profound, questions click this curious flower:


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