Text Puns

  1. Angle Angle Angle
  3. turn turn a dress
  4. 9W
  5. 10 you us
  6. Pete Pete
  7. 3.1
  8. Will we 10
  9. a u row p n womb an
  10. i l c u n l
  11. t 4 2 & 2 4 t
  12. g u r a q t n i c u n a 2 2 n i m n a f n r v 1 during y u r n a q 2 p

  1. Triangle
  2. Stereotype
  3. Return address
  4. Do you spell your name with a V, Mr. Wagner?*
  5. Tenuous
  6. Repeat
  7. A piece of pie
  8. Wil Wheaton
  9. A European woman
  10. I’ll see you in Hell
  11. Tea for two, and two for tea
  12. Gee, you are a cutie and I see you in a tutu and I am in a effin’ RV wondering why you are in a queue to pee.

*Growing up, I had always heard that joke as, “Do you spell your name with a V, Mr. Beethoven?” which makes no sense whatsoever. My hypothesis is that “Wagner” (pronounced “Vagner”) was changed to Beethoven because Beethoven is more familiar to people not steeped in classical music, and because Wagner was such a well-known anti-Semite that people in my family preferred not saying his name. Just a hypothesis.

Ever wonder about the less famous X-Men? The ones with significantly lesser mutant powers? Well, I have. Click the flower to find out about Minor Mutants:



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